Following the success of client Lizzie Lee in the Barcelona Half Marathon I felt inspired to write about returning to exercise after childbirth and the importance of seeking professional advice with regards to post natal exercise. Lizzie who is 37, hit a half marathon PB of 1.13.23 only 8 months postpartum. She is an inspiration to all women and mothers but Lizzie followed a bespoke strength and conditioning programme designed by coaching director of, Joe O’Connor, to ensure that she returned to exercise safely and effectively following childbirth.

The hard part is over, you have given birth to a beautiful baby boy or girl and having spent the last 9 months sharing your body with your baby, it is now your own again. Aside from adjusting to life with a new baby, night feeds and breastfeeding; getting your body back, both on the inside and on the outside, is something that many women obsess over soon after giving birth. Many new moms go back walking and jogging as soon as they have returned home from the hospital. These activities are now often performed with the extra weight of a buggy and a close to 10lb bundle of joy wrapped up inside it. While you struggle to keep your pelvic floor together to stop any leakage and worry about getting home for the next feed your baby is very likely fast asleep without a care in the world.

It is great that so many women are conscious of returning to regular physical activity after going through labour but I cannot stress how important it is to take it slowly. The first 12 weeks post labour should be used to regain and rebuild the strength in your pelvic floor and deeper core muscles. Your body has been put through the immense stress of labour and for some, this stress can be placed on the body for as long as 72 hours. Here at our pre and post natal exercise specialists will work with you to ensure that your deep core and pelvic floor muscles are prepared for childbirth which will aid recovery after giving birth and allow for a smoother return to regular physical activity.

Our 12 week post natal programme aims to strengthen the muscles that have been stretched through pregnancy and giving birth and will help you to return to regular physical activity in a safe, effective manner. Lizzie Lee stated in an interview for The Independent that following childbirth “You’re really back to basics. A lot of females come back too soon and there’s awful injuries you could give yourself after childbirth.” Enjoy returning to exercise injury free after childbirth with the help of a pre and post natal exercise professional.

Lizzie Lee reunited with her daughter Lucy following great success at the European Cross Country Championships in 2015

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