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What is PerformPACT?

PerformPACT is a health and fitness intervention for your workplace. Using wearable technology we can offer your team the opportunity to exercise whenever and wherever they like. They are not restricted by location or time and therefore have the freedom to make their transition to a healthier and more productive lifestyle in a way that suits them.

Our programme is run by a team of qualified health and fitness professionals and we regularly engage the services of other professionals such as dieticians and psychologists where applicable.

Above all we reward effort and not fitness. We feel fitness can often scare employees away from workplace well-being interventions but not in the case of a CoachPACT Campaign. By using effort as a driving force we introduce gamification to make each individual’s efforts fun, engaging and rewarding. We know your office “fitness fanatic” will engage in everything fitness related but we want to help those team members who need support on their journey and are intimidated by traditional workplace initiatives.


We provide each employee with an activity belt that sync’s with mobile devices or tablets. Once everyone is registered and have received their belt we will provide an on-site workshop to explain to everyone how their device works and where the data goes.

From there we design a number of effort based challenges. After that it is a matter of your team going home and exercising any way they see fit to see if they can move up the effort based leader board.

In addition to the challenges we provide bi-weekly newsletters to help keep your team engaged and motivated. Your CoachPACT account manager will be on hand to provide support at all times but will also work with management to come up with novel ways to motivate the team throughout the 6-month campaign.

On-site seminars can be arranged as well as off-site retreats should this be seen as a positive initiative by the company.

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We run a number of different challenges aimed at getting team spirit and the wolfpack mentality going. Here are some examples to give you a flavour of what’s involved.

WHO Challenge
Duration 4 weeks

The World Health Organisations monthly recommendation equates to 1300MEPS. This is often our first challenge to get people active at a very achievable level.

Health Hurdle Challenge
Duration 4 weeks

Participants in this challenge will aim to exceed 2000MEPS over a 4 week period. This challenge requires above average effort for your team and it’s where true change can be observed.

Inter-Team Challenge
Duration 4 weeks

This challenge can pit different departments or locations against one another. Teams (of 4-8 are optimal) are ranked based on the average MEPS achieved by its team members.



Who is it for?

Any company with a minimum of 10 people who are looking to improve their health and fitness culture within the workplace. Also, as we work remotely, we can handle many departments and are not restricted by location. Some of our clients have multiple locations all engaging in the one collective campaign.

How much does it cost?



Cost Months




30- 50










Each employee must invest in an
activity belt at a cost of €100 per unit.

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