Does sweating make you burn fat?

There is a common misconception in the industry that the more you sweat, the better. Below, remote coach John Barry, discusses a myth that has been doing the rounds; does sweating burn fat?

Sweating may be an indication of how intense you are training. Several factors can dictate how much you sweat when you train as well as the environment you are in. Sweating doesn’t burn fat but it does play an important role in the training process whereby it regulates body temperature. When your core temperature exceeds 37 degrees celsius your brain will activate the sweat glands within your skin to try and maintain your body’s preferred temperature to function optimally. Sweating essentially cools down your core temperature and prevents it from overheating. Your fitness level and body type will play a role in how much you sweat.

There is a belief out there that the more we sweat the more weight we lose. In theory this is correct, but it is water weight you are losing. If you stand on the scales before an intense training session and re-weigh yourself afterwards you may notice a loss of 2 or maybe 3 kilograms (kg). Unfortunately, for those of us who are short on time and aim to lose fat fast, this is not a drop in body fat. This drop is water weight and needs to be replenished in order to avoid dehydration. Your water weight can contribute to up to 60% of your overall weight. Ideally for every 1kg you lose when you train you need to consume 1.5 litres of water to re-hydrate the body.

So to conclude Sweating DOES NOT contribute or dictate directly that you are losing weight. The weight we lose through sweating is water weight which you will indirectly replenish again by drinking water and eating certain foods such as fruit and veg. Calories IN versus Calories OUT is the magic formula associated with weight loss.

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