What is a Corporate Athlete?

At CoachPACT we view our Corporate Athletes as time-poor high achieving professionals who appreciate that improved health, fitness and lifestyle will improve their professional performance.

We know that a highly trained corporate athlete shares the same drive for optimal performance as elite sporting athletes. At CoachPACT we help our corporate athletes find a work-life-training balance in order for them to achieve their health, fitness and performance goals.

The term Corporate Athlete was coined by Dr. Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in their book titled “The Power of Full Engagement”.


Our Featured Corporate Athletes

What is coaching?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Coaching as “to give someone professional advice on how to attain their goals”.

At Coachpact you are working with a highly qualified and experienced coaching team that provide you with individualised advice and coaching based on your situation, goals and timescale. As a team of coaches, we strive to find the balance between the art and science of coaching.

The key is communication and that’s what separates Coachpact, you have a remote coach to communicate with on your health, fitness and nutrition journey.

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Our PACT is simple. To help you master your health and performance.

COACHPACT.COM will provide you with the solution for improving your health and performance without compromising your lifestyle.

Our team of coaches are qualified to degree or masters level and have experience of working with beginners through to Olympians.




Nobody knows your body better than you and everyone is an individual. That’s why your COACHPACT Consultant will personalise your training and nutrition based on your lifestyle, preferences, experiences and goals.


Your COACHPACT Consultant is on board to hold you accountable to your goals and your program. Through the use of wearable technologies, you will be monitored and called out on your short cuts but also your victories.


Everything works but nothing works forever! Things change, new goals are set and sometimes life gets in the way. In order to be successful you cannot have a rigid plan. You need to be able to modify your training and that’s why your COACHPACT program is always customizable so you can stay on track when the unexpected arises.


Time is priceless and in short supply. COACHPACT gives you the opportunity to exercise when, where and with whom you want. We listen to you and design the most time efficient plan that fits your lifestyle. When you don’t have time, we maximise what you have by designing your MED (Minimal Effective Dose)

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