Consistently ok, can be great

Too often we see people doing too much too soon. Trying a new training or nutritional plan that’s simply too extreme to sustain or simply doesn’t suit your lifestyle, time or facilities. Ask yourself how many New Years resolutions have you held until Valentines Day?? Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness

The problem I see too often is that people beat themselves up when they can’t sustain or follow their new plan (fitness or nutrition) unless they sacrifice their lifestyle, family time, social life etc. It has to be hard to work right, ….. wrong. 

Consistency over a prolonged period of time is much healthier than any crash course whether that’s the latest fitness trend or the newest nutritional fad. Obviously you will have peaks and troughs with the amount of time you have available but that’s ok, you need to find a routine you can sustain. 

Be realistic

I had a client who struggled with her weight and body image. Each January she would train so hard and “diet” so aggressively that come February she was either injured or sick or both. After a more long term goal setting approach we concluded that realistically she could only do four 30 minute sessions a week at best. Sometimes it may only be 2 or 3 sessions but that’s not a reason to stop or give up.

That same client now in her late 40’s has sustained her 3-4 x 30min policy for nearly 10 years but consistently does it all year round. 

WARNING, this is not “NEW” way to train. It just worked for this client and her time availability. I can almost see people saying, she did 3 x 30 and it worked so that’s what I’ll do. This is the point of the blog post, you need to find “your” routine and plan that suits your life. 

To rewind a little, our initial debate was that she got great results from her four or five 90 minute gym sessions a week. Of course she did, that’s serious training. The problem was that she didn’t have the time, interest or motivation to keep it going. Then the guilt of not sustaining this training kicked in, the usual relapse kicked in and this could involve weeks or even months of inactivity and poor eating habits. Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness!!

Time and motivation

Regardless how good a training or nutritional plan is, in order for it to succeed it has to be good for you. Do you have the time and motivation to actually execute this program?? It’s “your” program not “the” program. 

So to conclude, if your lifestyle, work commitments, family, social life etc only allow you what you may consider “ok” training/nutrition, then you need to be consistent. Consistently doing ok can be great over time. Going crazy for 5 or 6 weeks and then doing nothing for months is not healthy. Think yoyo dieting, pre holiday panic and post holidays slumber. Exercise & Nutrition shouldn’t swing wildly but be consistent all year round. Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness!!!

So find your balance, see what works for you and keep it going. Consistently ok is great. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t maintain full time training but instead see what time you have available and make the most of it and strive for consistent application. “OK” 52 weeks of the year is much better than “perfect” 6 weeks of the year.