Christmas Gifts for the Busy Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Here are some of our top Christmas gift picks for the busy health and fitness enthusiast:

A Bespoke Remote Coaching Programme at

If you have hit a wall trying to find the perfect gift for the busy health and fitness enthusiast in your life then our number one Christmas gift pick is a bespoke remote coaching programme with

At our coaches help our high achieving clients, who are short on time, master their health and performance without compromising their lifestyle. Our highly qualified and experienced coaching team will provide you with individualised health, fitness, nutrition and performance coaching based on your situation, goals and timescale. Check out for more information and to contact us to purchase a programme for someone special this Christmas.

The Apple Watch Series 3 

A great gift for those who are constantly chasing time is the Apple Watch Series 3. Leave your phone behind during a workout but never miss an important business call; the watch contains a LTE wireless chip for cellular connectivity. It is still and salt-water resistant up to 50m and has built in GPS as well as a heart rate monitor, pace calculator and many other features.

Thanks to the Hermès and Apple collaboration you can pull out all the stops this Christmas and buy the fit fashionista in your life a designer strap to give his/her watch a luxury finish. Find out more about the Apple Watch Series 3 here.

The “I Get Around” Travel Kit

This is an awesome gift for that person in your life who doesn’t want their training to suffer because of their busy jet setting lifestyle. Our CoachPACT team highly recommend investing in a kit like the “I Get Around” Travel kit which includes an ab roller, resistance bands, a skipping rope and a microfiber towel.

The kit comes in a pink, blue or black colourway and has a drawstring bag that you can pack everything into. The “I Get Around” Travel Kit can easily fit into your hand luggage and can be ordered online here.

A MOBOT Mobility Bottle

Foam rolling is a crucial part of any fitness programme and can effectively reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) (Pearcey et al. 2015). MOBOT Mobility bottles are a great gift idea for someone who is constantly on the go. Carrying a chunky foam roller around with you is not ideal but a water bottle is something we can cope with. MOBOTs clever design has incorporated a foam roller around their water bottles.

If you need a quick massage between meetings, use your MOBOT Mobility water bottle to get deep into those muscles. Read more and shop the collection here.


Pearcey, G.E.P., Bradbury-Squires, D.J., Kawamoto, J., Drinkwater, E.J., Behm, D.G. & Button, D.C. (2015), “Foam Rolling for Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness and Recovery of Dynamic Performance Measures”, Journal of Athletic Training, 50 (1), 5-13.