Our Pact


Our PACT is simple. To help you master your health and performance.

COACHPACT.COM will provide you with the solution for improving your health and performance without compromising your lifestyle.

Our team of coaches are qualified to degree or masters level and have experience of working with beginners through to Olympians.

What is Coaching?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Coaching as “to give someone professional advice on how to attain their goals”.

At Coachpact you are working with a highly qualified and experienced coaching team that provide you with individualised advice and coaching based on your situation, goals and timescale. As a team of coaches, we strive to find the balance between the art and science of coaching.

The key is communication and that’s what separates Coachpact, you have a remote coach to communicate with on your health, fitness and nutrition journey.

Coaching the PACT!



Nobody knows your body better than you and everyone is an individual. That’s why your COACHPACT Consultant will personalise your training and nutrition based on your lifestyle, preferences, experiences and goals.


Your COACHPACT Consultant is on board to hold you accountable to your goals and your program. Through the use of wearable technologies, you will be monitored and called out on your short cuts but also your victories.


Everything works but nothing works forever! Things change, new goals are set and sometimes life gets in the way. In order to be successful you cannot have a rigid plan. You need to be able to modify your training and that’s why your COACHPACT program is always customizable so you can stay on track when the unexpected arises.


Time is priceless and in short supply. COACHPACT gives you the opportunity to exercise when, where and with whom you want. We listen to you and design the most time efficient plan that fits your lifestyle. When you don’t have time, we maximise what you have by designing your MED (Minimal Effective Dose)

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How do you personalise my training?

Once you complete the application process and that you feel COACHPACT.COM is a good fit for you, we will have a consultation with you over the phone or skype. From here we will find out what time you have available as well as the activities you enjoy doing. From there we make out a plan to achieve your goals. Your communication with you coach is ongoing and we amend and update your training throughout your training phase.

How do you hold me accountable?

Accountability is key to success but also your time with coachpact.com. All our clients wear a heart rate activity belt that uploads your workout data via your smart phone. So every bit of exercise you do is tracked and reported on. Therefore, accountability is an objective measure and when you commit to a goal and a plan to create your success storey, we use your heart rate data to hold you accountable for duration and intensity of your exercise

How do you maximise my time? I don’t have a lot of it!

Our team of coaches at coachpact.com are highly trained and experienced and use their knowledge and experience to provide you with the MED or Minimal Effective Dose. Based on your available time we will design a plan that will realistically drive you towards your goals but also allow you to continue with your busy lifestyle. The goal setting and assessment process is key to establishing your MED and that’s why our service has to be bespoke. There are no cookie cutter programs here, just coaching that is fully personalised and customisable to your needs.

How do you help me with Nutrition?

We don’t give you the perfect diet but instead we coach you to make your existing diet better. WE ask you to log your nutrition on the MyFitnessPal app which integrates with our systems. From there we look at fixing the biggest issues first and gradually over improving your nutritional habits and behaviours over time. This gives you the freedom to eat foods that you like in the confidence that you are making the best decisions available to you. In summary we are real world coaches, we view nutrition as something that should be enjoyed but also fuel your optimal performance. So you will receive real world nutritional coaching and not a meal plan on a handout that the most dedicated athletes in the world could not maintain.

I travel a lot. Can you give me a program to do on the go?

Absolutely no problem, in fact we have clients who simply exercise out of their hotel room. We provide many bodyweight programs for people to sculpt and tone their body. Some of clients buy equipment such as TRX, Valslide, PowerBands etc that easily fit into your suitcase and fold away really small.

Do I have to join a gym to be a coachpact.com client?

No. You are receiving bespoke coaching so we will provide you a program that suits your time, facilities and location. Many of our clients are too busy to join a gym and others simply do not like gyms and prefer to exercise outdoors. In contrast to that, if you want a detailed gym based program that’s no problem.

How fit do I need to be to start?

Not at all. Once you have clearance from your doctor to exercise we are good to make a start. Remember this is your program and nobody else’s so no matter where you start from, we will be there to tailor your plan around your current fitness level. We will also be on hand to progress your training as your fitness improves. We work with absolute beginners right through to Olympians so we can bring you on an amazing health and fitness journey regardless of your start point.

I regularly lose motivation to exercise and eat well, what can you do to help?

This is so common. We believe everyone’s motivation undulates and those who do not adapt fail. This is why we customise your training. If you feel your losing your mojo your coach will mix up your training and get the freshness back into your plan. You don’t have to travel this journey alone. Your coach is not only responsible to design your training; they are responsible to keep you training so if motivation drops your coach will up their game until your back on track. This is our PACT.

I’m a member of a gym/club/group already? Why do I need you?

Great, the social element of exercising with others is a major motivator for most. We have clients who like to do various types of exercise classes or event specific training such as running but like to have coachpact.com in their corner for accountability. When we design your plan we incorporate your existing training into your overall plan. Many clients feel they get more from their existing training after starting with coachpact.com because we assist clients with all the data that comes from their wearable devices but also coach optimal recovery and periodization.

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