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Avoid Overtraining in the January Fitness Rush

January 2018 is nearly upon us and inevitably most of us will have gained a few extra pounds over the festive period. Plans to lose that extra weight, get fit and feel great again will be set into motion as soon as our New Year hangover wears off. While it […]

Why Should We Log Our Food Intake

  Are you in control and aware of what you eat on daily basis? Do you find that you are putting in the hours with your training but progress is a little slower than anticipated? Our nutrition plays a significant factor in how long it takes for us to achieve […]

Sleep as a Performance Enhancer

Nowadays everyone is looking for the edge in business, on the field of play, in academia, or for general health and well being. Our clients often ask questions like, “what can be done to maximise performance”, “what can be done to increase alertness”, “how I can get increased energy levels”. […]